Download Sony Mobile Update Service For Windows

Sony mobile update service

The Sony mobile update service helps you to update your phone for the best performance and the latest features. It is really good to update the service of your Sony mobile for your software stability. And if you’re facing problems with your phone, it might help you with this Sony mobile update service. This stock firmware is compatible with Sony devices which improves the system stability as well as the enhancement and betterment of previous features.

Sony software update

Sony software update gives the following improvement in the latest version
  • It provides better compatibility with the Samsung Galaxy Note and Sony devices.
  • It adds the full-screen mode.
  • It gives the remote commander option.
  • The previous zone x zone icon is now replaced with a new icon that is used to playback the screen of the source or from the home screen.
  • It provides the maximum number of Contacts
  • It provides the maximum number of Contacts available in the phone book.
  • It gives the voice command functions.
  • The previous settings will be available now in the settings menu instead of the home screen.

Sony mobile support

The support app of Sony mobile gives a self-support function with maximum capabilities and improvements. It gives you the function of troubleshooting your device for example touch screen, light sensor, or camera. 
It also has consistent ads with the rating of the app or the game. Ad services can change over time to time, so you could check out which type of ads are being shown there.

Sony flash tool

The Sony flash tool works on unlocked Sony devices which are used to flash Sony software. It is really useful when you have a flashed custom ROM on your device and you want to improve the standard Sony software. The Sony flash tool is only used with an unlocked boot loader. And only a limited number of software versions and Sony mobile models are supported by this Sony flash tool. It is also known as a beta version and it is also supported by your computer’s operating system.

Sony Mobile Software Installation

First of all, check if you need to update your Sony software. all you have to do is
  • Click on the home button
  • Then select Settings and go to general settings.
  • Then select the firmware version in the general settings.
  • If the firmware version is shown as JR08_xav_1.13.003, then you don’t need to update the Sony software.

Sony Update Service Download

To download and transfer the updated files to your USB storage device, you need to follow the following steps
  1. First, download the update file onto your computer and note down the directory for your reference.
  2. Now extract the updated file from the update file.
  3. Connect a USB storage media device to your PC.
  4. Copy the update folder onto your USB device from the extracted file.
  5. Now connect the USB which contains the update folder to your receiver.
  6. No press the off button and turn off the unit of the remote commander.
  7. Hold the source button for a moment on the front panel.
  8. On your Sony mobile receiver, press the home button then select settings and tap on general settings.
  9. Now add the general settings, select the firmware version.
  10. Tap on the update button to start the update installation process.
  11. When the firmware update success the message is shown on the screen, the update the installation process is completed.
  12. Now remove the USB storage device.
  13. Click on the source button to turn on the receiver.
  14. The update installation process is completed now and your system will automatically reboot several times.

So You can follow the below link to easily download Sony Mobile Update Service Software on your device.

Download Link

Download Sony Mobile Service Tool