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Netcut for Windows is a small tool to download, this tool designed to scan the windows computer in your network and provide information on your single device. This windows software helps to share your broadband Internet connection with your friends and neighbors.


Netcut Pro automatically scans your network in your device and retrieves information on the connected machines, it is a tool to find a specific IP. The best thing about this software is that it allows you to choose a different network adapter in case you're using multiple ones at the same time.

Another helpful element of Netcut is that it very well may be utilized preventively, leaving it on for a drawn-out timeframe in the expectation of identifying ARP spoof attacks. So some more features are also available here.


  • This tool easily controls and scan discovered devices on your local network.
  • Ability to Quickly gain valuable networking insight
  • The User on your network Spot unknown (guest)
  • It supported support windows 7,  8 10, and macOS 10.15.
  • It is free and full of security as a basic tool. 
  • Timetable client on/disconnected admittance to the organization 
  • It is also available on Modern Windows version
  • permit to Pro enrollment for cutting edge clients – $1 every month, or $9.99 per year. 
  • Pro Tool – Just single click to Cut off all internet connection.
  • Pro Tool – NetLock. Lock your Wi-Fi network so that no other NEW users can join it.
  • Pro Tool – NetLock. Lock your Wi-Fi network so no other NEW clients can go along with it.
  • Pro Tool – the ability to records historical View for each detected device.

How To install

So you can directly get this tool for them to provide a link. Netcut app is a very easy and small package that will try to install two distinct applications on your Windows PC device.

Netcut comes in a small installation package that will try to install two distinct applications on your PC. After a brief installation is done, you can access the Netcut app not from a standalone app, but directly from your web browser.

In section, we are sharing the Netcut for Window and macOS Version on the page. So we are providing the Netcut Download for windows is available in the below section. 

Download Links

Download For Windows Version

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