Download Kingroot For PC Latest Version For Windows

Kingroot is one of the famous rooting tools, for the ones who want to root their android phones. This app does not require a definite process if you want to root an android device. It provides a rooting solution for Android. There are many good things about this rooting app such as rooting scenario will be taken from cloud-based servers, for which you need a good and fast internet connection.
In case your choice changes and you don’t want a rooted phone, you can easily unroot your phone by a single click and your phone will be unrooted. Kingroot for PC is a cloud-based app, compatible with plenty of gadgets, it is an amazing application that helps in improving your phone’s battery timings and helps in improving your phone’s performance. Kingroot for Android is clearing all the applications that are active in the background automatically, it improves the performance of your device and saves RAM. Kingroot supported device Almost all android phones.

Some of the amazing Kingroot features are as follows

KingRoot app has some amazing features it is a great rooting tool that improves the performance of your device.
  • Saves battery life.
  • Clean all the apps automatically that are active in the background.
  • Backup files.
  • Improves internal speed.
  • Bugs can be fixed while rooting process.
  • Updates are offered for the improvement of rooting.
  • Archive notifications.
  • KingRoot is integrated with a great purification system that helps in boosting device performance.

How to Use Kingroot Tool?

Here you can have a little guide about how to use Kingroot
  • Download the latest version of KingRoot in your device.
  • Install the KingRoot app and remember that antivirus should be disabled before installation begins.
  • Connect your device with PC through USB, kindly make sure that USB debugging is enabled.
  • After the installation, open this app, it will show you the root status on the screen.
  • You will see an option “START TO ROOT” click on this option to begin the rooting process on your device.

  • The rooting procedure will begin with the process percentage way.
  • Do not unplug your device while rooting procedure.

  • This process will take a few minutes and the app would let you know once your device is rooted.

How to Download Kingroot?

Download Kingroot on your phone and enjoy this amazing rooting tool to improve the performance of your device. Steps for Kingroot download are listed below:
  • Download KingRoot from the play store or any other place you want.
  • Install KingRoot and follow these steps.
  • Enter your password and registration ID.
  • Connect your device with PC through Android USB Driver.
  • Enable debugging mode of USB.
  • Go to Settings option>About Phone> Build Number.
  • Click it seven times for becoming a developer.
  • Again go to Settings> Developer option>USB Debugging> Enable.
  • Click on the “TRY TO ROOT” option, the device will be rooted within a few moments.
  • You will get a message “ROOT COMPLETED” after that close the app.
  • Your device may root many times during this process. You can click on the” VERIFY ROOT” option to check whether the device is rooted or not.

Kingroot requirements to download

  • Make sure to check the compatibility of your operating system.
  • Check the charging of the device.
  • Enable debugging mode.
  • 4GB Ram is required for PC.
  • 15GB space is required in a Hard disk.
  • The network connection should be stable

Kingroot Software Setup Details

File Name: Kingroot.exe
Developer: Kingroot
Category: Mobile Tool
Version: 5.4.0
Size: 10.99
License: English
Publisher: Files4windows
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