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The Tutu Studio is Latest Multimedia Tool which is freely available here to download on your windows operating system. The Tuto Studio tool is professional and the latest it was originally developed by Tutusoftware Studio. This software can be supported by all players or services. You can turn your attention to applications like the software Tutu FLAC MP3 Converter in order to convert files to the format you need. This latest version can Newly developed Video Converter including 3GP Video Converter, iPod Video Converter, PSP Video Converter, AVI MPEG Converter, and Audio Converter, WMA MP3 Converter, etc. This software is user-friendly interface and fast speed, it can easily adjust all conversion processes, such as FLAC to MP3 and MP3 to FLAC is very easy and fast. And it provides optimized default setting, you can converting your file is just a button click away and do the processed. 


  • They can convert between MP3 and FLAC r audio file format-- Input video format supported: FLAC, MP3; Output video format supported: MP3, FLAC.
  • You can perfectly enactment every FLAC to MP3 / MP3 to FLAC converting task flexibly, and the task can be saved and load on your computer device. 
  • All of the video codec parameters is optimized and predigested, the default setting can get high-quality MP3 or FLAC files, and you also can set them flexibly to get very good quality MP3 or FLAC files. 
  • Output parameters configuration Output files can be renamed (without extension file name MP3 or FLAC etc.) and the output path can be easily modified (absolute path). 
  • You can easily view the information of the original files You can view the detail information about audio codec, audio bit rate, sample rate, etc. of an audio file.
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This latest software can be able to download and install on your computer system, This latest Tutu FLAC MP3 Converter can be supported by all Windows versions. You can kindly download this latest version of the Tutu FLAC MP3 Converter from the below download button. You can click to download the file on your computer system,

File Name: Tutu FLAC MP3 Converter
Developer: TutuSoftware
License: Freeware
Size: 6.8MB

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