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This post is about to download the latest utility setup of Kyocera scanner. By using this utility you can save scanned images into a PC/AT compatible PC, it runs on Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP. This version can be installed in two different modes, either as a stand-alone application or as a service that will run when the user is logged off or the computer is locked. It requires a Pentium 133MHz (150MHz for Windows ME) or more with a minimum of 64MB RAM and at least 20MB of HDD space. It can support several models which we have mentioned below. 

Supported Models

KM-6030, KM-6230, KM-6330, KM-7530, KM-8030, KM-C2520, KM-C2525E, KM-C2630D, KM-C3225, KM-C3225E, KM-C3232, KM-C3232E, KM-C4035E, KM-C830, KM-C830D, KM-C850D, KM-P4850w. etc.
This exploit attacks the Kyocera Mita File Utility that is part of a scan to desktop. There are several bugs in this service. First, there is no authentication. This means anyone can upload a file to the target PC. Second, the file can contain anything, including binary data. Finally, the file name can be altered to include directory information, thus redirecting the file from the default upload location to a specified location. Combined, the service will allow a remote attacker to upload any file to any location on the system.

 If you do not know the correct ID number of the client side account, you can use the included getting command to scan a system to detect any and all ID numbers. This will also provide you with any associated passwords required by the printer to upload documents. Now download the latest setup of Kyocera Scanner file utility from provided links below.

You can visit its official site for getting more drivers.

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